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Lincolnshire Alert (LincsAlert) is a community messaging system run by Lincolnshire Police.

The messaging system acts a tool for the police to give information to the registered members on crime reduction and community safety issues. Members are also able to provide information to the police. If you would like to receive updates in your neighbourhood area, click on the register tab for further details. You can unsubscribe, update and manage your profile and messages at any time

Benefits of the system include:

  • Website available 24 hours a day.
  • Totally confidential, secure service, your data is never shared without your consent
  • Configure how and when you want to receive messages,
  • Subscribe to receive alerts by email, phone, and text.
  • Reply to messages instantly
  • View crime stat reports for your local area,
  • Completely free to receive service
  • Unsubscribe at anytime

Lincolnshire currently supports the following schemes:

  • Neighbourhood Watch
  • Horsewatch     
  • Allotment Watch
  • COPS - Canines on Patrol
  • Caravan Watch
  • Waterway Watch
  • Golf Watch
  • School Watch
  • Warden Assisted Watch
  • Farm and Country Business Watch
  • Business Watch
  • Faith Watch
  • Forecourt Watch
  • Poacher Watch
  • Post Office Watch
  • Shop Watch
  • Pub Watch


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