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Update February 2017

LincsAlert hits 19,000 for membership who continue to support Lincolnshire Police in keeping our county a safe place to work and live.


Calls to the Force Control Room (FCR)
We have updated our Force Control Rooms ability to acknowledge on an incident log that the information came from a member of LincsAlert or one of our watch members.

So far over the last year, we have had 43 incidents reported directly by our members.

Types of incident reported are

Concern for safety
Inconsiderate behaviour
Wildlife issues such as hare coursing
Vehicle nuisance

Lincolnshire Police relies on information being passed to us by members of the public, so please keep your calls coming, although it may be that your information towards crime is small, when we piece together information it gives us a much bigger picture of what is happening in our communities.

A simple example might be:

LincsAlert member sees a car moving suspiciously slowly down a street and takes the registration number and car make.

Later that night a house is burgled while the owners are absent.  No one sees or hears anything but when a LincsAlert message is issued regarding the burglary, the car registration is passed to us which points to a known serial burglar being in the area at that time.

Without that information being given, we may struggle to link persons to a crime scene without forensic evidence.

Solving crime is like a jigsaw puzzle, you piece all the pieces of information together to complete the crime details and hopefully find and convict the criminal!

Your assistance is really appreciated.

If you would like to access further crime prevention advice, visit our website on this link:

Lincolnshire Police Crime Prevention Advice


LincsAlert does Twitter  

You can now follow LincsAlert messages via twitter instant feeds by adding @lincsalert to you list of chosen people to follow.

This means you can get instant alerts rather than waiting to view emails at home.

Not on Twitter?  join here:

If you are experiencing any crime in your area or have concerns in your community, let us know via the LincsAlert system under 'report information' and we can pass this information onto the relevant groups across Lincolnshire.  If it is a crime that has taken place, you should report this in the first instance on Tel: 101.

If  you need to speak to a member of Lincolnshire Police regarding any issues you may have please ring 999 in an emergency, or 101 if the matter is less urgent.
We would like to say a huge thank you for supporting Lincolnshire Police and making our region a safer place to live and work.




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